Scrypt.HQ is a comprehensive, cloud-based, dispensary-integrated pharmacy platform that enables seamless communication with patients, streamlines dispensary workflow and service recording, ultimately used to improve customer relationships drive loyalty.

With Scrypt.HQ, provides pharmacies with access to dedicated communication channels that allow direct communication with customers and securely through SMS (including tailored bulk-messaging), email and mobile-app messenger. The automated prescription reminder service allows customers to order medications with or without signing up to an app.

With Scrypt Mobile included, pharmacies can empower their customers to centralise eScripts, manage & order their medications as well as communicate with their pharmacist remotely all from the palm of their hand.

Scrypt.HQ also offers bulk dispensing and script reminder reports, which can save hundreds of hours processing DAA prescriptions or other key client groups. Scrypt Analytics is also a tool to optimize engagement opportunities and give your pharmacy an edge with highly customizable analytics. Scrypt.HQ aims to guide pharmacies to deliver exceptional customer service and build lasting and trusted relationships, making it an invaluable addition to any pharmacy.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) including; Order Management Software (OMS), Clinical Services, Communications, Customer Engagement & Analytics.



Works with

Fred Dispense


$150 exGST per month + $0.10 per SMS consumable

Support or call 1800 SCRYPT


  • Cloud-based, deeply-integrated task and workflow management platform.
  • Dedicated SMS, Email & Mobile app chat communictions, scheduled, bulk & automated messages.
  • Scrypt Mobile - Customer-facing Mobile App to enable medication management and ordering of scripts, includes centralising eScripts, and chat functionality,
  • Push to Dispense Queue functionality - including Dispense Runs and suggested Order Cycles.
  • Service provision and Recording - including PPA Claims portal integration.


Flexible payment terms with PAYG or annual prices available (no lock-in contracts)

How to Install / More information

Request directly via, call 1800 SCRYPT or request a demo via the website:


  • Communicate with your customers easily through SMS, email, & app chat. Send ad hoc, schedule SMS messages and even Bulk SMS to specific customers lists.
  • Streamline Dispensary workflows with Dispense runs and Push-to-Queue functionality for customer orders including notification app
  • Enable your customers to order medication via Weblinks or the Scrypt Mobile App with simple eScript management
  • Record pharmacy services and manage from one central location with integrated PPA claiming.
  • Highly customisable database searches and Analytical reporting.

About Scrypt.

Scrypt.HQ is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with a heavy focus on customer engagement, order management and dispensary workflow management solutions.

Including a Customer-facing mobile app, Scrypt Mobile empowers customers to manage their medications in the palm of their hand with Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) endorsed conformance for safe storage of ePrescriptions.

HQ provides pharmacies with a suite of features including analytics, reminders as well as professional service modules to complete and claim directly with PPA. This foundation product brings together an Australian developed, pharmacist-owned, digital pharmacy solution built to drive engagement and delight customers.


Head Office

Newcastle West, NSW


Phone - 1800 SCRYPT (727 978)



Phone - 1800 SCRYPT (727 978)