Protect your valuable pharmacy data

Tools, monitoring and guidance are provided to reduce the people, process and technology challenges faced by your pharmacy in today’s digital world.


Reduce risk of cyber attack

The monitored hardware device offers protection and detection from data breach in all devices in your store and 24hr response to cyber events, reducing your risk of cyber attack impacting patient data, financial and business trading, and reputation.

Remain cyber aware

Remain cyber aware

Your security assessment plus access to ongoing cyber awareness training helps you and your team to understand what and where the vulnerabilities are and reduce the likelihood of unintentional data breach via human error.

Know what to do

Know what to do

Easy to follow guidance and response action plans for real world cyber incidents so you will know exactly what to do in the event of a cyber incident in your pharmacy.

A plan for every pharmacy

A plan for every pharmacy
1-5 Windows PC’s<br> <b>$116.00 monthly ex gst</b>

1-5 Windows PC’s
$116.00 monthly ex gst

6-10 Windows PC’s<br> <b>$168.00 monthly ex gst</b>

6-10 Windows PC’s
$168.00 monthly ex gst

11-16 Windows PC’s<br> <b>$231.00 monthly ex gst</b>

11-16 Windows PC’s
$231.00 monthly ex gst

17+ Windows PC’s<br> <b>Request Quote</b>

17+ Windows PC’s
Request Quote

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What do you get with your cyber security service?

LIVE 24/7/365 monitoring and response by an expert Security Operations Centre (SOC) plus...

  • A personalised cyber security assessment and recommendations
  • Unobtrusive hardware intrusion protection and detection device
  • Ongoing access to quick and simple video training and tips for your team
  • Cyber Security documentation and guides
  • Monthly reporting on all cyber issues, incidents or events

Emerging cyber security threats to your pharmacy

Who has access to your data? Supply chain attack

Which third party organisations or devices have access to your systems - and therefore data?

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems are increasingly used by many IT providers. Learn what you need to be mindful of

Impact of a data breach on a small business

Repercussions of a cyber incident and the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme - key areas of focus.

Common cyber attacks in pharmacies

90% of cyber incidents in pharmacy occur via a phishing email or remote access software. Simple steps you can take to minimise your risks.

Cyberattack – Horror stories from the coalface

Why do you need cyber security for your pharmacy?

Why antivirus software is no longer enough to protect your pharmacy

Your defence is only as strong as your weakest link

Start protecting your pharmacy today

Request a Fred team member to contact you to discuss cyber security in your pharmacy and answer any questions you might have regarding the service.

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