An even better way to dispense

Fred Dispense Plus - the features you love, with a modern look

  • Seamlessly enter and manage ePrescription tokens, MySL, paper scripts and other tasks from your embedded queue on the dispense screen
  • FinalCheck – a summary of important information for a script at the final point of checking
  • ComplianceCheck – number of days since last dispense shown in right hand history pane PLUS highlighting of same drug that is selected
  • Secure and enhanced integration of third party applications via the AppBar or cloud
  • Automatic drug and program updates
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Powerful and dynamic back office solution

All the power and functionality you need to manage your business

  • Real time, store based product information
  • Advanced purchasing functionality designed to maximise cost savings and manage stock holding liability
  • Integrated with Fred NXT Head Office solution
  • Mobility to manage your store from anywhere, anytime

The mobility and speed that you need, reliability you have come to expect

Fred NXT POS delivers world class retail features

  • Finger print technology access
  • Integrated EFTPOS functionality
  • Offline capability, ensuring your business can continue to run even if your connection is down
  • Real time data access providing up to date information on customer balances, stock on hand, loyalty data and online orders

Superior professional service

The features and functionality you need to expand your pharmacy’s service offering

  • Service management- Vaccinations, HMR and Meds check
  • Appointment booking capability
  • MedView Patient Connect service to allow customers to pre-order prescriptions form their token
  • Notification and reminder capability

Centralised data management to efficiently run your business

Experience the difference with Fred NXT Head Office Solution

  • Centralised control over product range, pricing, purchasing and promotions
  • Powerful and detailed reporting using Power BI functionality
  • Configure product ranges based on store, state, region, brand location and size
  • Equipped with powerful workflow capabilities to streamline, standardise and automate business processes

Connecting Pharmacy

Built for touch, designed for mobility and connected to the cloud - the future of pharmacy IT.

Fred NXT delivers a simple, integrated approach to managing all aspects of a pharmacy, including dispensing, point of sale, retail management and professional services.

How the cloud can improve your pharmacy

Extensible & scalable

Extensible & scalable

Providing scalability from both a technical and business sense and extensibility into new markets, such as eCommerce and social media, Fred NXT allows you to communicate with your customers easily and provides wider business reach.


Increased security

Data security is an ever evolving and challenging aspect of any business and ensuring you have the right mechanisms in place is integral. With Fred NXT, all your key information is hosted in the cloud and protected by Fred IT’s security, reducing the risk of your sensitive data being exposed.

Product Training

Remote access

Flexibility and mobility you need to work from anywhere, at any time, accelerating your businesses productivity. With only a connection to the internet required, you won’t need to worry about cumbersome data synchronisation or in-store IT access.