Elevate your pharmacy with Informacy. Gain essential insights for informed decisions.

60 DD tracker, forecasting as well as performance reporting, benchmarking, prescription loyalty, and more

Informacy platform offers a comprehensive and agnostic suite of tools, from business performance reporting to benchmarking and prescription loyalty programs. We empower you to optimise every aspect of your pharmacy operations, providing invaluable insights into performance metrics and customer dynamics. With Informacy, you'll elevate your understanding of your business and refine your strategies for success. Our powerful tools enable you to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Are you truly informed about your pharmacy and your customers? With Informacy, you can uncover the depth of knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Operational Decision Support Tool



Works with

Fred Dispense Plus, Fred NXT, Fred Dispense


Informacy is free to all Australian pharmacies. There are also Informacy premium products available like Informacy EchoRx.


  • Informacy provides agnostic impact, opportunity and performance reporting to help you become more informed and gain a competitive edge.
  • Double Dispense Tracker - See daily impacts of double dispense and your eligible substitution and profit loss.
  • Double Dispense Forecast Tool - See your impact using the tracker and use this data to forecast impacts over the course of all tranches.
  • OTC Performance Dashboard - See your Ethical:OTC split, your performance on naked scripts by day of the week and review longitudinal performance.
  • Prescription Loyalty - What share of prescriptions are you retaining? The average pharmacy retains less than 36% of their customers scripts, losing Rx revenue of over 3.8 million dollars. Review your performance and understand the opportunity that increasing prescription oyalty presents your pharmacy

Product Features

  • Information at your fingertips
  • Informacy is available as a web application for PC,Laptop, mobile or tablet
  • Data is refreshed daily to stay up to date with impacts and opportunities

How to Install

Simply complete consent form, if you are already connected to NostraData, your access will be provisioned within 24 hours. If you are not connected we will reach out to facilitate an install with yourself and the software vendor.

About NostraData

NostraData is a leading retail pharmacy data specialist, dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Our expertise in data analysis and innovative solutions empowers businesses, healthcare professionals, and patients with valuable information to make informed decisions and drive positive change in the industry.


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Email -

Phone - 1300 466 787