About MIMS

MIMS Australia has been publishing medicines information since 1963 and is the leading supplier of medicines information to Australian healthcare professionals. MIMS is known for its high level of editorial integrity and independence; a recent national survey of healthcare professionals revealed that 99.3% of respondents would recommend MIMS to a colleague.

MIMS Australia offers a range of digital products that reflect current advances in information delivery; from mobile devices (iMIMS, MIMS for Android), to online, to integrating databases into clinical and dispensing software applications.

MIMS also continues to offer the printed reference products that have supported health care professionals for nearly 60 years.

Not everyone’s needs are the same. Servicing the Australian market for nearly 60 years, MIMS has learnt to understand those diverse needs and has developed relevant and trusted products that give the healthcare professional the right product at the point of care at the right time.

MIMS reference products together with the applications developed by our partners products are relied upon by a wide cross section of the Australian healthcare ecosystem. State Health Departments, Private Hospitals, aged care, medical practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, health care services and border protection authorities - All use MIMS as their reference of choice.


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