BodyLog 365


BodyLogPro365 is a cloud based portal to assist health professionals to View & Analyse the Data and to Dispense prescriptions

Digital Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, eHealth… name it anything.

Genesis Biotech, an Australian company, based in Brisbane Queensland, are pioneers in providing Bluetooth enabled devices (LifeSmart Devices) with an App for individuals in Australia and NZ. Genesis also owns and hosts its own portal “BodyLog365Pro” for Health Professionals. All Devices, App and Portal are TGA registered. All data collected is securely encrypted and stays on the servers in Sydney, which mean all data is secure within Australian borders.

BodyLog365Pro can be installed using Fred Dispense Plus software. This will allow pharmacists to View & Analyse the data and Dispense Prescription and also to make informed decisions about an individual using the device data that is shared.

Pharmacists can also now issue Medical Certificates and do In-store checking using BodyLog365Pro. We are confident that, with this partnership, pharmacies that use BodyLog365Pro to assist their customer by going the extra mile, will keep them loyal and gain their trust. Can’t wait for this wave to grip the entire nation.


Clinical Services



Works with

Fred Dispense Plus, Fred NXT, LifeSmart and Echo Health Devices


Free access to View - Analyse - Dispense.


  • Monitor patient vital signs data (readings taken at home or checked in-store)
  • Data is viewable in the pharmacy while dispensing
  • See how meds are compliant to patients
  • Better patient outcome and compliance
  • Generate additional income through device sales.


  • In-store checking
  • Issue Medical certificates
  • Do virtual calls
  • Eliminates manual entry errors


Add Ons: Medical Certificate: To issue medical certificate using BodyLog Pro - $20 per month

Instore Checking for complete health data and print out: $30 per month 0-20 customers - $3 per customer More than 20 customers - $2 per customer Number of customers will become “zero” at the start of each calendar year.

How to install

Available on Fred Dispense Plus AppBar. Click and add to dashboard.

About LifeSmart

"LifeSmart" is owned by Genesis Biotech Pty Ltd, an Australian Company based in Brisbane, Queensland. LifeSmart Devices are Bluetooth enabled and ready to be used in Digital Health care both by individuals and professionals. All devices connect to LifeSmart Health app which is available free on both Android and IOS. There are nearly 20 various devices (ranging from Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeters, Thermometer, Body Scale etc.) both in LifeSmart and Echo range measuring nearly 25 different parameters.

All LifeSmart devices are TGA registered and are widely used by various Health boards and hospitals across the country for individuals, RPM, Hospital @ home and other Digital Health services.

LifeSmart is the only brand which has its presence in both diabetic range (NDSS no 312) and general health. All devices can be used to monitor vital signs to assist professionals to make informed decisions about an individual.

Individuals who use LifeSmart devices can monitor their health from the comfort of their home or office or from anywhere and stay connected with their health profession as and when required to get advice by sharing their data.

LifeSmart is always looking to add new products to their range through innovation and technology


Head Office

Milton, QLD


Phone - 1300 110 155

Email -


Phone - 1300 110 155

Email -