DDBook is an electronic controlled drug register that replaces and improves the paper based recording of controlled drugs for pharmacists.

DDBook is Australia’s leading electronic controlled drug register used by the vast majority of Australian pharmacies. It replaces & improves on the paper based recording of controlled drugs for pharmacists.

DDBook makes S8 recording easy and saves time on administrative tasks such as daily line entries and stock counts. It also integrates with all popular pharmacy dispensing software, helping reduce errors and is compliant with all relevant standards, Australia-wide.


Controlled Drug Register


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Works with

Fred Dispense Plus, Fred Dispense, Fred NXT, Fred Office


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  • Paperless solution
  • Increases accuracy and reduces errors
  • Saves time and effort
  • Free 30 day trial


  • Integrates with all popular pharmacy dispensing software
  • Provides customised reporting
  • Assists with controlled drug compliance
  • Simple to learn


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About Modeus

Modeus is a healthcare software provider, servicing over 5000 customers across multiple industries covering pharmacy, veterinary, aged care, hospital, paramedic services and medication warehousing & distribution.

Since launching in 2003 within the pharmacy industry, Modeus has diversified into other healthcare-related verticals. Our flagship product, DDBook is used daily in over 80% of pharmacies Australia-wide with a consistently increasing customer base across other products.

Whilst Modeus is best known as Australia’s leading supplier of electronic controlled drug register software across multiple industries, we also develop and support other software such as opioid program management, pharmacy equipment hire and native mobile applications with large user bases.

Modeus collaborates with a diverse range of partners across various industries to enhance the customer experience through integration, enhanced processes and other initiatives.


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Melbourne, VIC



Phone - (03) 9867 2785

Email - sales@modeus.com.au


Phone - (03) 9867 2785

Email - support@modeus.com.au

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