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Fred Managed Anti Virus service

The Fred Managed Anti-Virus service is designed to provide a reliable Anti-Virus product and monitoring service to protect your computers.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, the software will not bog down your computer or constantly hassle you with annoying pop-ups asking for a decision from you. You also will only pay for the licenses you need in a given month with flexible low cost ongoing renewal managed by Fred.

Included with Fred Server Gold Plan or just $5.00 per pc, per month.

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What do you get with your anti virus service?

What do you get with your product?
  • Protection from the latest security threats with a reliable anti virus system installed by Fred.
  • Scans scheduled by Fred at a time convenient for you.
  • Any issues identified and resolved by Fred.
  • Threat definitions kept up to date by Fred .
  • License renewals, additions and removals managed by Fred.
  • Pay by the month, cost effective protection.