Steps for activating ePrescriptions in your pharmacy

The following information provides guidance to assist you to enable ePrescriptions in your pharmacy, if your pharmacy is part of a Community of Interest (COI) area or when you need to dispense ePrescriptions.

The following steps will need to be completed before your pharmacy can accept an ePrescription token for dispensing.

1. eRx Script Exchange is activated in your pharmacy.
Click here to register for eRx

2. Your pharmacy’s HI Service is activated
Click on the below link to find how to check for HI Service in your dispensing solution.
Resource includes ‘ePrescribing – Health Identifier Service Registration Resource’ to assist with self-registration process

3. Self activate your pharmacy for ePrescriptions
Click on the below link to view instructions for activating ePrescriptions in your dispensing solution

4. You have a barcode scanner that can scan QR codes from a screen or a tablet with a camera

5. Adequate cyber security protection is strongly recommended
Click here to see Fred Protect, a real time cyber security service tailored for pharmacies of ALL sizes, dispensing and POS software.

Further Assistance

The following resources can assist your team with understanding ePrescriptions and their role in accepting ePrescription tokens for dispensing in your pharmacy.

Fred Dispense Online Help

  • HELP TOPIC: Electronic Prescriptions
  • DEMO: Pharmacist dispensing with Fred Dispense via MedView Flow

Fred NXT Online Help

  • HELP TOPIC: ePrescriptions
  • DEMO: Pharmacist dispensing with Fred NXT via MedView Flow