What is an ePrescription?

Whilst prescription information has been transmitted electronically via eRx Script Exchange for over a decade, the legal document has remained the signed piece of paper. An ePrescription changes this so that the legal document becomes the prescription data which resides in eRx (or MediSecure).

Whilst the patient remains in control of who can access their prescription, the signed piece of paper is no longer required. It’s important to remember that this new type of prescription will be an option for patients who may also elect to receive a paper prescription.

How do I prepare my pharmacy for ePrescriptions?

It’s important to start preparing your pharmacy now for ePrescriptions. Visit erx.com.au for further information on ePrescribing and what it means for your pharmacy and patients. The following eRx resources will assist your team to prepare for ePrescriptions:

Become ePrescription ready with MedView Flow

Fred NXT and Fred Dispense pharmacies will be able to seamlessly manage electronic and paper prescriptions in one electronic workflow with MedView Flow. The cloud-based tool is available now free of charge for up to 5 devices, so your pharmacy can be ready when your first patient presents an ePrescription in the coming months.

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