An easier way to manage your group

Built for touch, designed for mobility and connected to the cloud, Fred NXT Head Office is the future of pharmacy IT for franchise and group entities.

The end to end solution provides an easy and integrated approach to managing all aspects of head office pharmacy.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics® AX Retail platform, Fred NXT Head Office connects dispensing, point of sale (POS) and back office with head office right out of the box, for a comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of your organisation.

As Microsoft Dynamics AX is built on world class Microsoft® products and technology, you can maximise your current IT investments for fast return on investment (ROI). You can also add functionality cost-effectively and efficiently; enabling you to scale your operations, add locations and change processes as new retail opportunities arise.

Consulting service

Our team of experienced consultants and developers are dedicated to providing value to our customers by assisting your business operations to-

  • Identify and understand your business requirements
  • Provide a complete solution to manage your business operations
  • Deploy and manage your IT Infrastructure
  • Provide ongoing support and assist with ongoing improvement
  • Provide training to ensure efficient use of the recommended solution
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