Bridging the gap in medication management

Fred IT Group provides over 3,000 Australian pharmacies with market leading IT solutions and services , including Fred NXT, Australia’s first cloud based management platform developed specifically for pharmacy.

Fred is deeply committed to the pursuit of technological leadership and innovation that enables health professionals to run their business more efficiently, allowing them to optimise their time spent helping patients. This record of innovation has included the creation of ground breaking cloud based solutions such as eRx Script Exchange, Australia’s first and largest national electronic prescriptions exchange, and MedView – Australia’s Medication Cloud.

In November 2017, Fred was appointed by the Victorian Department of Human Services to develop SafeScript, Victoria’s first real time prescription monitoring (RTPM) system. SafeScript was launched in October 2018, as part of a phased rollout across Victoria. Most recently the team have been working on the design, build and delivery of the National Data Exchange (NDE) component, which will allow the remaining states and territories to progressively implement RTPM solutions.