Smart link

Fred Pak is linked to Fred Dispense so patient records and medication information is updated in real-time –  no need to enter information twice.

Print patient information

Patient details are printed on both the foil and label as an additional safety measure to help ensure patients are taking the right medications. Photo IDs can also be printed on foils to help assist with the right patients receiving the correct medication – especially important in nursing homes.

Various packing configurations

Fred Pak caters for various packing configurations such as multi-dose packing or seven day unit packing.

Various packing cycles

Fred Pak caters for set days, daily, alternate day, every 3rd day, monthly, bi-monthly, 6 monthly, yearly dosage frequencies.

Various packing formats

Supports various packing formats including Medicopak, Websterpak, Baxter, Nomad, ATC Fill, J V Medi and Active Care.

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