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Simplify pharmacy packing

Used in conjunction with Fred Dispense, Fred Pak simplifies the packing of medications into various Blister Foil Packs. It is also designed to interface with all other major Automated Packing Systems.

Fred Pak makes packing easy by printing medication details on the backing foil, used to seal the packed medication and also prints the appropriate patient details on the Blister Heading Label. The solution is compatible with cold seal labels, which are printed to laser printers.

With Fred Pak you are also given the option to print your patients photo onto foils, providing you with greater assurance that the medication is administered correctly; something that is particularly important in nursing homes.

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The best way to get started with Fred Pak is to request a demonstration with someone from our team. We can take you through Fred Pak and answer any questions you might have regarding implementation or integration.

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