Easy ordering

Revolutionise the way you process orders. Create, receipt and control your purchase orders with flexibility and ease to ensure you maximise time and improve the bottom line.

Easy ordering – the right stock at the right time

Accurate inventory

Packed with features, such as rate of usage and AppCAT integration, inventory can be managed easily in Fred Office with the knowledge that user errors will be minimised and data inconsistencies removed.

Accurate inventory – improve your bottom line

Transaction visibility

Fred Office allows transaction data such as sales and scripts to be seen in calendar style views – hourly, daily or monthly. Whether you are looking for a specific sale or require a general overview of store performance, the transactions interface makes this information available at the touch of a button.

Flexible reporting

Standard reports can be customised to fit different business purposes. Information, such as columns, can be added or removed, saved reports can be viewed on the Office dashboard or exported to Excel and PDF.

Fast, flexible reports – factual business decisions

Intuitive search

The intuitive search engine allows you in find the data you are looking for quickly and to search in other ‘areas’ of the application without needing to open them first, making the transition between functions seamless.

Save time – find information fast

Stocktake Assistant

Packed with advanced features which assist users to easily and quickly record and report on physical stock. Stocktake assistance can be used on multiple terminals simultaneously and offers wireless device integration, both designed to reduce the time taken to ‘count stock’.


AppCAT Assistant

The AppCAT and Fred Office integration allows users to quickly and easily retrieve information from AppCAT, a central product repository containing thousands for product lines unique to the Australian Pharmacy Industry, such as barcode information, supplier details, or even add a range of new items to their system. All in real time!

The right information – at the right time

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