ScanCheck RX

PDL research shows over 50% of dispensing incidents are related to selection errors. ScanCheck Rx reduces the likelihood of these errors with a simple scan of the barcode at the labelling stage to alert you to possible selection errors. It is also clever enough to detect if the repeat is from another pharmacy.

Interactive diary

Ideal for pharmacists who work on different days to pass messages onto each other. this diary allows you to set notes and reminders.

Online updates

Downloading of the updates from the internet enables you to receive the updates in a more reliable and timely fashion without relying on the postal service. No more missing or broken disks!!

note- Internet access is required at the pharmacy for Fred Dispense.

High quality repeats

Fred Dispense produces a higher quality of printed repeats when used in conjunction with a laser printer. Repeats are printed using a range of fonts to highlight vital information such as patient name and drug name. A barcode of the repeat code will also be printed for even faster dispensing.

Barcode scanning of repeats

Fast, efficient and accurate repeat processing; no more keying of repeat codes; one swipe and your repeat is ready to process.

eMIMS integration

Integration of these two products provides access to comprehensive drug information with one mouse click. This is an optional feature and minimal activation charges do apply from Fred Health, which will be invoiced via MIMS when you activate the Fred Dispense eMIMS Link.

AusDI integration

Integration with Fred Dispense provides pharmacies with selected AusDI content, including in-house drug interactions and safety warnings created by the MedicalDirector Pharmacy Team. The AusDI Data Service provides users with a comprehensive collection of referential content including CMIs, PIs and highly regarded independent drug monographs.

eRx Script Exchange

eRx Script Exchange enables medical practitioners to send prescriptions electronically through a secure, encrypted gateway, for later retrieval from a patient’s pharmacy of choice anywhere in Australia, contributing to an improved use of medicines.

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