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At Fred we place a strong focus on ensuring our people have the support they need to realise their career aspirations and exceed at meeting our customers’ expectations.

Fred currently employs over 200 talented and enthusiastic people across Australia, including Melbourne (Abbotsford Head Office), Sydney (Rosebery), Brisbane (Murarrie), Perth (Balcatta) and Adelaide (Norwood) and provide a broad range of IT and customer related career opportunities including –

  • Customer Service / Help Desk
  • Business Development / Marketing
  • Technical Installation / Training
  • eHealth
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance

If you think you can contribute to Fred’s continued success and would like to be a part of a great team, please let us know at

Meet some of the team

Solution Transition Manager 
I started with Fred in July 2013 as a Training and Technical Consultant.  Since then I have been the Vic/Tas Team Leader, covered long service leave in the National Operations role, and am currently the Solution Transition Manager.  My time at Fred has been an amazing and challenging journey. Fred encompasses a ‘family feel’ in a corporate world brilliantly and encourages career progression. With a background in Pharmacy and Business Management, Fred has been a perfect environment for me to build on existing skills, while learning a whole heap of new ones!
Technical Consultant – Sydney
I have been in the IT industry now for over 14 years and with Fred for almost 2 years. I joined Fred as a Technical Consultant which has allowed me to develop and refine my skills across a large variety of work tasks including technical support and installations for hardware and software.
The team at Fred provide a professional, friendly, supportive environment to work in, fostering employee growth, skill base and knowledge, fellowship and employee bonding opportunities via various social events throughout the year. The strong emphasis on continual career development and progress tracking has been one of the most outstanding benefits of working in this great environment. I am truly glad to say that Fred has been the best organisation I have worked for to date.
Development Lead – Melbourne
I joined Fred in 2013 as a Development Consultant and my journey so far, has been an incredible one. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the most trending technologies in the market. This in turn has allowed me to enhance my skills and add value to the product being developed.
Fred as a company has given me the environment that every IT professional hopes for in terms of challenging work, respect and a great work culture. I look forward to coming to work each day to be able to contribute to the vision of Fred. I’m glad to be a part of an organisation that supports its employees in every way and encourages growth at both a professional and personal level.
Ranjeet SinghDevelopment Consultant – Melbourne
I am a Full Stack Developer with more than 6 years experience in the field of IT. I joined Fred in 2016 and in my first year had the opportunity to work on a project that is Australia’s largest prescription exchange system processing millions of transactions every year, with 95% of these transactions done in under 3 seconds… sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? I was challenged every day to make sure we kept delivering this performance with the ever-growing size of our customer base. I love challenges because they push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow at a much faster pace. I felt I learned the worth of many years in my first year at Fred. It excites me to solve real world problems and this is what we exactly do at Fred. If you love challenges and want to solve real world problems by helping to make our eHealth systems more safe and reliable, then Fred is the place for you.
Greg KohFred Help Consultant – Melbourne
As diverse as the many cultures within Fred, the role of a Fred Help Consultant is varied and epic in scope. Ranging from our extensive list of software applications, cloud based systems, and physical hardware, there is never a dull moment in what challenge awaits us each day. Our daily tasks may find us alongside the Trainers and Deployment techs out on site at one of the Fred pharmacies, experiencing first-hand how our clients utilise our systems. I was fortunate enough to attend the Microsoft Ignite Conference 2017 and witnessed the advancements of cloud technology and how Fred as a company is moving into the future. The people at Fred are like a close-knit family. Unlike the bigger corporations that I have previously worked in, there is always a name you can apply a face to. This does not just extend to those that work in Melbourne, but to all Fred staff located in the various state offices around Australia. With so many different avenues to grow and a dynamic environment that constantly shifts with the latest trends, there is no place that I would rather be.

Cultural Diversity at Fred

By Pino Fratangelo, General Manager Human Resources

What’s it really like at Fred?  What’s so great about Fred?

I get asked these questions a fair bit, and I find myself raving about many aspects of life here at Fred in response. But one quality in particular that stands out is the cultural diversity of our team, and the advantages that this brings on both a personal and professional level.

The team at Fred includes people from every corner of the world, with France, the Philippines, India, China, and Vietnam just a handful of the countries represented by our team. Every day, we benefit from being able to harness the diversity of thought, background, talent and experience that this brings to the way we solve problems and generate new ideas.

At Fred we have a strong, shared sense of what we are collectively trying to do – make medication management safer and more effective for all Australians. The diversity within the team makes our ability to meet this vision so much stronger… and more interesting! These benefits flow through to our customers (also a diverse mob) in terms of the quality of IT solutions and customer experience we provide.

But don’t take my word for it – below are thoughts and words from some of our team members, about what Fred is really like, and what it means to work as part of Fred’s culturally diverse team.

Fred is successful for many reasons, not least because we have built a cohesive team that make it a great place to work, and a great place to do business with. Being proudly culturally diverse has characterised our relatively short history and will continue to shape our future.

Dev Ops Team Leader
I am from…
India. Before coming to Australia, I was working in the IT industry in the UK for 4 ½ years and had previously worked in the US and India. I arrived about 4 months ago. Initially I came alone, as I was looking for jobs. My wife and 5-year-old daughter joined me two months ago.
Working at Fred…
The environment in the company is absolutely fantastic.
Fred feels like a big family. Even though we have diverse opinions, there is a real bond here. I think it is remarkable that, for a young company, only in its 20s, Fred has so many people who have been with the company for more than 10 years. This means there are a lot of people who have a real attachment to Fred, they have seen it grow; they have built it.
There is an absolute love for Fred, beyond professionalism.

And what about Fred’s customers?
Fred is very customer focused, and our customers are from very different backgrounds. The diversity and inclusiveness that we have within Fred, the respect that the company has for different cultures, also applies to our customers. It definitely helps us to do business. I work in the Operations area so I see this in action when people are on the phones helping people with their IT problems. I see the way that people handle these calls, their patience in trying to understand and help. This extra passion for the customer, going the extra mile, it really helps.
Technical Consultant – Operations
I am from…
Central China. I came to Australia with my wife and 3-year-old daughter in 2001 to join my wife’s sister.
Before that my wife and I had both worked for the same company in China. I worked in China for 8 years.

Cultural diversity and Fred…
Since being here, I have learnt that there are many different ways of doing things and thinking about things, rather than everybody thinking the same way. Sometimes what one culture considers to be common sense is different from what another culture thinks, and these different ways of thinking are helpful.
In my team, we have people from India, Greece, China, Austria and many other countries. Fred’s cultural diversity means that we all try to help each other and share our experiences.

And what about Fred’s customers?
The diversity of cultures definitely helps our customers.
Fred’s customers also come from many different backgrounds, and our cultural diversity helps us to provide them with the best service that we can, including different languages and an understanding of different ways of approaching people of different backgrounds.
Development Lead – Solution Services
I am from…
India. My husband and I moved to Australia three years ago, and we now have a 2-year-old son.
We had heard that Melbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities, so that was our motivation for coming. I thought that if we had a family here, we would be able to give our sons or daughters a good life.

Living in Australia…
Life here in Australia has been great. It’s been amazing, I’ve loved meeting people here, and visiting beautiful places. People are great, the places are great, and it has been a great experience so far.
Working at Fred…
Fred is the best company I have worked for, I consider myself fortunate to be here. I love the work I’m doing and the people I work with. Working with people from so many different backgrounds means that there’s always something to learn about how to approach people and adapt to different personal and professional styles. Fred has a very open culture.
It is great to have so many people from different cultures working under one roof. It’s a big learning experience, but great.
Technical Consultant – Operations
I am from…
Ireland, my mother’s parents are Swiss-German and a lot of my relatives live in Italy or Geneva. I came to Australia on a holiday, and stayed.
Living in Australia
I have worked and lived in a lot of other cultural environments, including other parts of Australia. I like the fact that Melbourne adopts a kind of European, easy going way of life.
My experience of working at Fred?
At Fred I feel that I have more access to information about key strategy points and what is coming next. Fred is very inclusive, and I feel more included in what the plans are and what my team is going to be doing over the next few months. This comes straight from the top in a very personal way. As a result, I feel a lot more involved in what’s happening.
How does cultural diversity shape Fred?
Fred has a culture of innovation, and I think our cultural diversity contributes to this. The company embraces different opinions and is very open to new ideas.
 GM Solution Services
My experience of working at Fred?
As a manager the multiculturalism and diversity in Fred’s workplace enriches the team. You get a lot of different life perspectives and experiences, resulting in varying approaches to solving problems, greater innovative and thinking outside the box. This is especially obvious in the development team where you are part of a creative process.
How does cultural diversity shape Fred?
At Fred cultural diversity means that our team members are exposed to different ideas and different ways of thinking. This results in a constant process of learning about how we respond and adapt so that we are encouraging and embracing of different ideas and work styles.
It makes Fred’s workplace more exciting and interesting, and most importantly a great place to be!

And what about Fred’s customers?
The overall result is a well-rounded solution for our customers!
We have seen this in our Fred NXT development, where we have been able to approach pharmacy functions such as dispensing from a very different perspective, compared to in the past. Previously this had been approached in a pharmacy-specific way, whereas we now think in more fluid way which has allowed us to create practical innovations for pharmacy.