The rollout of ePrescribing is well underway with Communities of Interest (COI) set up across the country. With over 10,000 ePrescription tokens dispensed, the feedback on the token model has been positive from participating Doctors, patients and Pharmacists.

We continue to learn from the COI’s and look forward to the introduction of the Active Script List in the coming months to complete the ePrescribing solution and to provide added features for you and your patients.

If you are interested in hearing feedback directly from Doctors and Pharmacists using the token model, we suggest you watch this recent webinar from the Australian Digital Health Agency.

COI Metro Melbourne expansion

On Monday 17 August 2020 the Australian Department of Health, Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia jointly announced the expansion of the ePrescribing Communities of Interest program to cover all of metro Melbourne in response to the Stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown. Click here to see the announcement.

The Melbourne rollout combined with the increasing occurrence of ePrescription tokens being presented at pharmacies around Australia is creating a high demand for our support services and we are working hard to minimise any delays.

It is important to note that all pharmacies using Fred Dispense and Fred NXT have previously received instructions by email for self-activating ePrescribing in your software. If patients are presenting at your pharmacy with ePrescription tokens and you have not yet enabled ePrescribing you can call Fred Help for priority assistance.

To further understand the importance of the ePrescription COI expansion and for guidance for enabling ePrescriptions in your pharmacy watch our video Enabling ePrescriptions in your Pharmacy.

MedView Patient Connect assisting COVID-19 restricted patients

Fred is pleased to announce the public beta release of MedView Patient Connect to enable patients to forward their ePrescription tokens directly into the MedView Flow queue of their pharmacy of choice. This feature is intended to assist patients isolated by COVID-19 restrictions and supports contactless pick-up and delivery for new and repeat ePrescription tokens.

MedView Patient Connect is an optional module for MedView Flow which will be made available for FREE until 30 November 2020* to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and while the module is in beta phase.

MedView Patient Connect will be activated for all MedView Flow Pharmacies on Monday 24 August 2020.

See MedView Patient Connect

The expansion of electronic scripts is occurring at a challenging time and pace, and we are here to support you. If you have any questions after reviewing the material above, please contact us however please note that high demand may lead to some delay.


You are not permitted to dispense from an ePrescription token unless you have completely activated ePrescribing capabilities in your pharmacy. This requires you to use both MedView Flow to view the ePrescription details and use the ePrescribing enabled version of Fred Dispense or Fred NXT to complete the dispensing to eRx. If you are not completely enabled to dispense ePrescriptions, you must not supply from the token. Instead contact the prescriber and ask them to cancel the ePrescription token and issue a paper script.

Electronic Prescriptions are one of the most significant changes in the pharmacy industry since the introduction of desktop computers. Providing a great opportunity to modernise pharmacy workflows, and improve efficiency and safety for your patients.

We look forward to continuing to work with you, to develop and enhance our solutions as we move towards the release of the Active Script List, which will operate in parallel to the current ePrescribing Token model.

* Subject to MedView Patient Connect fair use policy on transaction costs