Fred are proud to have been announced as one of the winners of the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Innovation Challenge, for our WhatsApp ePrescription solution which enables Australians to easily access their prescriptions electronically.

Leveraging Australians’ existing high levels of usage of WhatsApp, together with the MedView Flow pharmacy application, Fred have created a seamless consumer experience for the easier fulfillment of ePrescriptions.

The solution is the first use of the WhatsApp platform for prescription dispensing requests via a WhatsApp chatbot and enables patients who use the platform to forward their required prescriptions to their local pharmacy of choice for dispensing.

According to Paul Naismith, CEO of Fred IT Group, “The benefit of our solution is that it utilises the existing high levels usage and the secure platform of WhatsApp, which means consumers don’t need to download another app or system to begin fulfilling their prescriptions with their pharmacy of choice.”

For patients who are comfortable with the privacy of WhatsApp messaging app, pharmacies will be able to offer them this additional option to manage their prescription fulfillment requests from their Active Script List, including specifying pickup or delivery time.

The WhatsApp platform offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring only the consumer and the pharmacy they are communicating with will be able to read what is sent, plus every message has its own unique lock and key for added protection.

WhatsApp ePrescription solution

Paul Naismith emphasised,

“It will be great for the millions of Australians who currently use WhatsApp to be able to request their scripts directly from their local pharmacy from an app they use every day.”


Development of the WhatsApp ePrescription solution is currently underway and trials will take place over the next few months. The solution option will be offered to all pharmacies through MedView Flow, the cloud-based workflow tool that seamlessly manages all incoming prescription requests in one electronic workflow (or queue).

Fred IT Group is one of five winners of the ADHA Innovation Challenge which received 395 applications from Australian industry and academia on how to solve key healthcare challenges amid and beyond COVID-19. The challenge was to present scalable tools and solutions to improve Australia’s digital healthcare system: enable the delivery of care in new ways, improve health outcomes, strengthen responses to health emergencies and accelerate digital health into the future.

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