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Fred Office management software

For Pharmacist Chris Thompson, operations manager of the Peak Pharmacy group now consisting of five pharmacies in the Geelong and Bellarine region in Victoria, the purchase of the second pharmacy in Newtown highlighted the need to be able to access reliable management data easily and quickly.

Chris says, “We wanted good quality data to base management decisions on, particularly once we were in the new store. We needed to be able to easily access data around sales reports and sales information, so that we could make decisions about how much stock to carry, what range to stock, what prices to charge and so on.”

“We had worked with Fred products before and found them very easy to work with, as well as giving us the relevant information to run our business.”

Fred Office – the benefits

According to Chris, there is a real benefit in the way Fred Office integrates with all of the pharmacy’s other systems, giving a clearer picture of what the business is doing and saving us time.

“The most significant change we have seen is in the improvement in the link between dispense, our patient information, and our point-of-sale. Running our reports and managing our stock is a lot easier.”

“Our ability to get the data we need is already a lot better than before,” says Chris. “The reason I like Fred Office is that once you set it up it’s so easy for your team. Your computer will manage stock files, linking to accounts and pricing; it manages it all. And then locums can come in and just concentrate on being a pharmacist, they don’t have to worry about whether they know your local systems, the system makes it easy for them.”

“ Locums can come in and just concentrate on being a pharmacist…the system makes it easy for them. ”

Fred Office – the technology

According to Warren Lubransky, Commercial Product Lead, “Fred Office management software is designed to help pharmacies quickly see how their business is operating. It brings together dispense, POS, and other systems into one package that looks and works just like Microsoft Outlook.”

“Once a pharmacy has set it up in the way that they want, it makes it much easier to have a quick and reliable view of how your business is going, at a glance. The integration to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, extends the product beyond normal POS operations and allows users to utilise those products directly with Fred Office.”

The technology solution

  • Inventory tools that make it easier to control the stock you have on your shelves
  • Advanced pricing to allow Fred Office to manage price changes
  • Promotion management allowing users complete control over tracking and managing promotions
  • Reporting on all facets of a pharmacy business from an integrated perspective
  • Strong security and auditing capabilities allowing users to find and track issues
  • Integrated accounts from dispensary through to POS


” There is a real benefit in the way Fred Office integrates with all of the pharmacy’s other systems, giving a clearer picture of what the business is doing. “

Chris Thompson

Operations Manager, Peak Pharmacy Group

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