With pharmacists taking on a bigger role in healthcare, it’s more important than ever to ensure your risk management processes are up-to-date. To ensure peace of mind it’s important that you have the systems in place to stay ahead of potential risks. Here are some key areas to watch:

Dispensing errors

Scanning technology is an essential tool in helping to eliminate dispensing errors but human judgement is critical. One of the best ways of keeping processes error-free is to follow a checklist:

  1. Scan the barcode on the prescription to download the eScript
  2. Check electronic patient and prescription details match original prescription, record any changes and print labels
  3. Select drugs
  4. Label each item and check with dispensary scanner
  5. Assemble prescription
  6. Check details at customer collection point

Make it easier for your staff to focus with streamlined work spaces and ensure they are taking adequate breaks. Ensure stock is rotated and storage protocols adhered to. Consider training staff to increase their efficiencies with pharmacy database systems.

Data collection and storage

Maintaining patient privacy is of vital importance. Make sure that patient-specific information is not visible to the public. Ideally computer screens should be out of view from customer areas, and set aside an area where individuals can be provided with private counselling.

Also ensure that you have up-to-date processes to back up your records and to avoid malicious attacks on your data. Note that the Pharmacy Board has just released a new guideline on this topic, see Guideline 9.2 (PDF).

Hazardous medicines

Pharmacists have a responsibility to inform their customers, who also might be carers, about ways to manage the potential risks associated with a medicine – see this useful summary on the AHHB website regarding the latest edition of the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook (APF23).

Work Health & Safety

Keep in mind that when you become very familiar with your working environment you may be ignoring obvious risks, such as stepping around a storage box everyday. Poor workplace design can also cause your employees to become fatigued or easily distracted. Consider getting an independent assessment of your workplace risk fitness.

Helping you manage risk

Scanning every prescription with eRx Script Exchange improves the safety and efficiency of the dispensing process by reducing data entry errors.

The use of scanners in the dispensing process, such as ScanCheck Rx in Fred Dispense, reduces the likelihood of selection errors.  Using the simple enhanced scan checking routine of scanning the barcode on the dispense label followed by the product barcode will confirm that the item dispensed is the same as the product chosen and alert you if the barcodes do not match.

Fred Backup is a safe and secure backup service for your valuable data including in store and optional offsite storage while Fred Managed Anti Virus Service is a reliable virus monitoring program to protect your computers.

Fred IT Group can provide you with a complete risk assessment of your current systems and advise on potential changes.

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